Here is a list of every Final Fantasy VII accessory in the game and a little description about what they do and where to obtain them.

Accessories are items that you equip your self with for battle. These normaly aid you in your quest for victory when fighting enemies. Certain ones increase your status and other ones protect you from differnt types of Status effects.

Name Description Location
Peace Ring Protects against Berserk/Fury/Sadness Found at Da-chao Statue
Ribbon Immune to all status ailments Found at Gaea’s Cliff and Morph Master Tonberry
Fire ring Absorbs fire attacks Found at Costa Del Sol House, Mideel
Ice ring Absorbs Ice attacks Found at Mideel
Bolt ring Absorbs Thunder attacks Found at Mideel, Sleeping Man
Tetra elemental Absorbs Fire, Ice, Lightning and Earth attacks Found at the Crater
Safety bit Protects against Sudden Death, Slow, Petrify and Numb Found at Great Glacier, Rocket Town on Disc 2
Fury ring Automatic Berserk Found at Gongaga Town
Curse ring Increases Stats but character then cursed in battle Steal from Ultimate WEAPON to get this
Protect ring Automatic Barrier & MBarrier Morph Mover to get this
Cat’s bell Restores HP while you walk Its a prize Chocobo Race’s
Reflect ring Automatic Reflect Found After defeating Jenova-Death
Water ring Absorbs Water attacks Found in the entrace to Coral Valley
Sneak glove Increases rate of Steal and Mug Found at Wall Market
HypnoCrown Increases manipulation chances Found at Coral Valley Cave
Power Wrist Increases Power by +10 Found at Rocket Town
Protect Vest Increases Vitality by +10 Found at Rocket Town
Earring Increases Magic by +10 Found at Rocket Town
Talisman Increases Spirit by +10 Found at Gongaga Town, Rocket Town
Choco feather Increases Speed by +10 Found at Wutai
Amulet Increases Luck by +10 Found at Mideel
Champion belt Increases Power and Strength by +30 Found at Battle Square
Poison ring Absorbs Poison attacks Found After defeating Motorball
Touph ring Increases Stregnth and Spirit by +30 Found Stealing from Reno
Circlet Increases Magic and Spirit by +30 Steal from Ultimate WEAPON, Ho-Chu, and Snow
Star pendent Protects against Poison Found in Gongaga Town
Silver glasses Protects against Darkness Found in Junon Town, Gongaga Town
Headband Protects against Sleep Found in Junon Town, Gongaga Town
Fairy ring Protects against Poison and Darkness Found in Cosmo Canyon Caves, Mideel
Jem ring Protects against Paralyze, Petrify, Slow and Numb Found in Mideel
White cape Protects against Mini and Frog Found After defeating Jenova-Birth, Gongaga Town, Mideel
Spirit shoes Automatic Haste Found in Gold Saucer

Last Updated on January 12, 2023