About Final Fantasy Synthesis

I been having these weird thoughts lately…Like is any of this for real or not? 

If you are reading this, then yes.. it is real. The year is 2022, and FFSynthesis.net has returned to the web. For most people who visit this website this will just seem like another final fantasy news website – but to others a small piece of the original Final Fantasy Community has returned.

FFSynthesis in the year 2006!

So where do we begin?.. Final Fantasy Synthesis was originally founded by Gregory Clayton in 2005 when the internet was in its early infancy. People didn’t have smart phones, we had dial-up with slow internet speeds and websites were built using HTML Tables without any of the fancy designs you see today.

I was only a kid when I first made this website. Final Fantasy was my all-time favourite game and during my ICT classes at high school I got hooked on building websites so inevitably the two crossed paths and FFSynthesis.net was born.

A lot has changed over the years. I am now 32 years old and I have a wife & my own home.  I have a degree in website development and I am lucky enough to work fulltime doing my passion which I learnt at home as a spotty 15 year old teenager! You can see my business website here: https://www.gregoryclayton.co.uk

So what has peaked my interest to revive Final Fantasy Synthesis ? Its simple really.. I have been waiting to re-purchase this domain for over a decade!

During the peak years of Final Fantasy Synthesis we used to have an active community forum of over 1000 members and hundreds of posts daily and I stupidly forgot to renew the domain when I was on holiday. When I returned someone else had purchased the domain and sat on it for nearly 15 years. I would always check to see on 123-reg if it was ever available or not and luckily for me on the 10/03/2022 it FINALLY was released and available to purchase again.

FFSynthesis back in 2006 (thanks to the internet archive)

This domain has so many memories for me. It allowed me to get in contact with other webmasters in the community who I still keep in touch with today. Ontop of hours and hours of work that went into the site back in the day, its great to have it back again.

So my job over the next few months is to get all the old copy back online and also create some new copy/guides for the recent games such as FF7Remake Part 1 and FF16.

Hopefully in the coming weeks I will also look to setup another community forum and you never know, maybe we can re-create that magic of 2006 and throw a phoenix-down on this website and let it rise again!

Thanks again for reading and if you have any questions or notice anything wrong with the site just drop me a message.

Cheers, and its great to be back!

Greg x

Last Updated on January 11, 2023