Final Fantasy X

In a world ravaged by sins, the people's hope all lie in 'Summoners,' to save them from a abominal creature born from their own sins.

Final Fantasy X was the first Next Generation Final Fantasy in the series. Final Fantasy X was the first to be in fully three-dimensional graphics instead of pre-rendered backdrops with the Sony PS2.

Final Fantasy X was the first in the series to support voice acting, also the first to have a direct sequel, Final Fantasy X-2! Final Fantasy X was originally intended to feature online play, but as production progressed this feature was dropped and later saw release in Final Fantasy XI.


A monster named Sin. Summoners embark on pilgrimages to gain and learn enough strength to cast the Final Summoning. The Final Summoning is taught to the masses as the only way to defeat the creation of Sin. The religious cult known as Yevon, has control and dominace over the masses, and because of that, all life in this world of Spira is premature.

No technology or trace of any modern civilization. As the time passes, more and more Summoners attempt to destory Sin… but those attempts are fruitless. A brave Summoner will journey, with her eight Guardians, and this journey will change the soul of all who take it.


Last Updated on January 16, 2023