The return of Final Fantasy Synthesis!

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After months of preperation I am happy to announce the return of Final Fantasy Synthesis to the web in 2023!  This website used to have such a vibrant community back in 2005 but unfortunately when I was 18 and went on holiday with my family I had completely forgot to renew the domain in our hosting panel and subsequently lost the domain when someone else purchased it. I have literally been waiting a decade to get this domain back and to my amazement on 10/03/2022 the domain was free again.

To read more about this please click this link.

So what can we expect from Final Fantasy Synthesis this time around?

Whilst I am under no illusion the internet has changed a lot since 2005 and communities/topsites and message boards have died of with the emergance of social media networks and reddit communities, the plan is to revive the website and try to populate it again with that fantastic Final Fantasy Content we were recognised of producing. If things move in the right direction then maybe a community forum again and potentially more up-to-date media such as twitch streaming, youtube videos and much more!

At the absolute minimum this website will be a great hobby for me to keep updated and just relive some of those fond nostalgia moments nearly 18 years ago… (wow how old do I sound now!..)

Anyway to those who visit the website, I hope you enjoy this little blast from the past and who knows.. maybe we can use a phoenix down and revive our once active community in the future!


Synthesis x

Last Updated on January 12, 2023