Below is a list of people or sites which have helped Final Fantasy Synthesis grow to where it is today.


Bleedalone is the sites admin. He helps out a lot with the site. He mainly works with the hard stuff which not many people seem to look at. Liek the mysql databases for the forums and topsites. He is a great guy and a good mate. Thanks a lot Bleed!


Griever is the webmaster of Final Fantasy Complilation ( a site which I host ). He has made a lot of layouts in the past for Final Fantasy Synthesis and is a great guy to talk to. Cheers Griever!


FF9er is a good online friend of mine who makes Final Fantasy Synthesis Layouts. We have been friends for a while and he has always been a good pal of mine. Thanks for the help FF9er!


Woody is the owner of Final Fantasy Ultima and he is one of my best online friends. We talk for ages about Website stuff, and debate certain things in life. He has made a few layouts for Final Fantasy Synthesis and is a great person and a great webmaster/ affiliate!


Alex is the owner of Final Fantasy Net and has been Final Fantasy Synthesis Longest serving affiliate! He is a great person to talk to and has helped me alot. Mainly stuff like Making my site more search engine friendly, and how to improve my site. Cheers Alex!


Nitro is a sorted person who owns Spiras Destiny. He helps me with a lot of my graphics I make, and helps me with problems I get when coding the site. Thanks a lot Nitro!


Unkown is a very good friend of mine and he owns Final Fantasy Primer. Final Fantasy primer closed down in the summer and this guy donated all of his content over to Final Fantasy Synthesis. I owe him a lot and would like to say thank you! Sections which he donated content for are the Final Fantasy X section, and the Final Fantasy VIII Section. Thanks a lot Unkown.


Deep is a cool person who currently shares forums with Final Fantasy Synthesis. She owns Kingdom hearts Extreme and is a very talented person when it comes to websites. Her sister FFFreak is a good person to chat to aswell. She si Deeps sister and she hosts Deeps Kingdom Hearts Website. Cheers Girls!


Just wanna thank this geezer for sticking with Final Fantasy Synthesis. He has been a moderator on the forums for over 2 years now. Thanks a lot Iceman!


Yeah this guy is a sorted webmaster. He owns a wonderful site called FF Rebirth. We chat from time to time about each others websites, and help each other with graphics.