So would you like to Affiliate with Final Fantasy Synthesis, Well this is a is not a hard task at all.

Affiliation is where sites help each other out through hits and a friendship. If you are thinking of Affiliating with us then I do Recommend you follow the Guidelines that are stated below so you have a brief idea of what we will be Judging for when we will be accepting Affiliation Request’s


We would like it if you will be getting around 250+ Hits each day, But this is not important if we feel your site has awesome content.


Well this is the most important factor that we will be looking for. I think along the lines of 120+ pages of content is a fair amount.


We would like it if your site has not got a free layout for your layout. I think that sites who show that they are Unique with there layouts is a great way to impress.

Free Hosted

We will not be affiliating with sites that are on geocites ofr freewebs, But if you are hosted by a site such as our hosted sites then this is fine.


We will affiliate with any Language so if your site isnt English then you can still apply.

Adult Material

We will never affiliate with a site that has Porn, Hentia, or Violent contents within there sites, or if you are linking to a site with these contents on.

Site Releated

We will be affiliating with either Gaming or Anime sites. Any other sites that want us to link to them will go into our Links Database.

So as you can see those are the Guidelines that you must follow in order to affiliate with us. If you are interested then please email me at :